TPCC Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that faith; hope, love and compassion should be at the heart of a faith-based program. Our commitment is to teach each student the biblical principles of freedom, acceptance, and restoration.

We recognize that prolonged depletion of emotional sustenance produces root issues of addictive patterns and behaviors. Every individual entering TPCC is emotionally depleted. As a way of coping with their depletion, these individuals have turned to mind altering substances, alcohol, self-medication and co-dependent relationships. TPCC assists each student in emotional restoration and empowers him or her with the tools necessary to prevent future relapses to maintain their sobriety.

TPCC is one of the few faith-based programs that accept the dually diagnosed. These individuals suffer mental health disorders, which have been clinically diagnosed. We are committed to providing these individuals with a comprehensive multi-disciplinary method to recovery. Through our referral network which includes multiple area hospitals, the CT State Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and other private clinical practitioners, our students have access to clinical and professional assistance when needed.

When an individual arrives at TPCC, they are enrolled in the CT state insurance program (SAGA) in order to address medical issues that may be present. Transportation is provided for students to doctor’s visits, group counseling, and mental health clinics. Students are encouraged to participate in life skill training and physical/nutritional education, geared towards restoring their bodies neglected due to substance abuse.

Students are equipped and empowered with the tools necessary for healthy relationships.

• Conflict Resolution            • Pastoral counseling

• Communication skills        • One on one counseling

• Marriage Counseling        • Clinical groups

• Family Counseling            • Family intervention

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